Last year I started with a new hobby: paragliding. I have always wanted to fly, but somehow I never started with it. Finally I decided to take paragliding lessons with Paragliding Holland (PaHo), and my dreams came true.

I am flying...

Have a look at some pictures from the ground training on August 25, 2002.

And here are my first real flights. What a great experience!

In May 2003 it got even better: I made my first flights in the Vosges mountains in France, with PaHo . We were extremely lucky to have 4 beautiful days in a row. The only downside was that it was almost too warm for climbing the Gustiberg with all the gear... But it had its rewards: the amazing experience to get airborne by just running down a slope! Have a look at some pictures...

In September 2003 the trip to the Vosges was repeated: again we had 4 great days, 3 of which offered perfect flying conditions. I made my first flight in thermals, ascending to almost 500 meters above the take-off on the Gustiberg, and flying for almost an hour. This may not sound very special to experienced pilots, but for me it was very exciting! Again, I took plenty of pictures.

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