Mesa Consulting BV

Januari 2011 AIX and Storage reporting tools
MESA developped several reporting tool for AIX P-series systems and central storage devices and SAN switches. These reports show virtual disk to physical disk relationships for AIX servers, storage capacity and configuration information and AIX performance and capacity information. See the Reporting pages for more details.

Also see our new system management development project:Glimmer

Januari 2011 For registered monitor users: Monitor 2.5
Main issue: Support for dynamic LPARS/Entitlements, RRD reporting, removed root privilidges. See the Monitor for AIX and Reporting pages for more details and demos. Or contact

October 2010 dvi2tty 5.3.3
Incorporated patches form other sources and other minor fixes/cleanups. Basic support for latin1 output and japanse TeX versions (JTeX and pTex). See the dvi2tty 5.3.3 page for more details.

Januari 2008 Mpage 2.5.6
Main issue: builds using gcc 4. Enabled Kanji support still produces viable output for non kanji locales. Honour /etc/papersize file. See the Mpage page for more details.

November 2002 Basic patch to add support for AIX 5.1 in the public Monitor for AIX version.