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    Copyright (C) All rights reserved:
        1993-2011 Marcel J.E. Mol, MESA Consulting B.V., Netherlands
        1991-1995 Jussi Maki, Finland
Monitor for AIX is an interactive performance monitor and capacity planning tool for AIX systems. Have a look at some screendumps to see how it looks like. Monitor can log its measured data that can be viewed in graphs for capacity planning purposes.

Januari 2011: Released Monitor 2.5 for registered users!

User visible changes:

	* Monitor does not need root priviledges anymore.
        * Add reports for diskpaths and diskadapters.
        * Support entitlement reporting and cpu usage relative to entitlements
        * CPU usage reporting based on new PURR counters
        * removed support for AIX < 5.2.
        * Add RRD reporting facilities via web interface.

Version 2.4:

        *  Differentiate between read and write iorates if supproted (AIX 5.3)
        *  Graphing scripts define their own output filenams
        *  -x command line option to show just one process in top
        *  Updated Makefile for easy selection of compiler and 32/64-bit mode
        *  Basis WLM statistics (Z command, only for AIX 5)
        *  Show number of active disk in extended disk stats
        *  Show CPU speed in cpu detail report in AIX 5 (s command)
        *  T command to sort top on process starttime
        *  NFS v3 statistics
        *  Show more details NFS stats when screen is large enough
        *  Perl scripts to process monitor logfiles (see script directory)
        *  several small bugfixes, optimisations and cosmetic fixes

Version 2.3:

        * Support for AIX 5 (up to 5.2).
        * Support for 64-bit kernels in AIX 5.
        * K command to kill processes.
        * S command to Set priority of a process (renice).
        * -z command line option (z command) to normalise cpu% (to 100%).
          This is only usefull for SMP systems where total CPU% can be
          100 times the number of cpus.
        * -D command line option (D command) to sort disk statistics on
          throughput.  The option optionally accepts a number to specify
          the max number of disks to show.
        * -w command line option (w command) to hide kernel wait process
          in top.
        * Added major and minor pagefaults and repages to top output.
        * Added P command to sorttop on major page faults.
        * Added per process thread count to top output.
        * -k command line option (k command) to hide all kernel processes
          in top.
        * -W command line option (W command) to show process arguments
          in top.
        * Added numios, page steals and page scans on main page.
        * Added some more sample script in the script directory to process
          monitor logfiles.
        * The fps program ported to higher AIX versions.
        * Network statistics in detailed mode now show error-, collision-
          and baud-rate.
        * Monitor now refuses to start when it is run on a different
          architecture than it is compiled for (e.g. 32 versus 64 bit


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