GLimmer System Management Environment

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MESA Storage and AIX reporting

These webpages show example output from some reporting tools developped by MESA Consulting B.V.

Storage related reports

Reports showing configuration and usage information for several backend storage related devices like

Storage devices:

Storage virtualisation devices: SAN Switch devices: See here for sample reports for a few devices

AIX, P-Series reporting

Disk path overview

The relation between virtual disk in an LPAR and the physcial disk used via the VIO server is not very clear. Several standard AIX and HMC tooling supply part of the information. MESA developped a tool to combine all relevant data and show the virtual to physical disk relationships. As a bonus it will check path reduncancy and identify single paths of failures. Hence it it will tell you if brinngin offline a VIO server will distrub service availability.

See here for a sample disk path reports

AIX performance monitoring and logging/reporting

Monitor for AIX is a system performance monitor (see the Monitor pages). It can log all data in logfiles and has tools to convert the logfiles to rrd databases. A way to use these rrd databases can be seen in the Monitor Demo.

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